Septic Remediation Program Moving Forward

Edge of Beaver Lake that meets green field of grass and trees

H2Ozarks (formerly known as Ozarks Water Watch) received funds from the Arkansas Department of Agriculture’s Natural Resource Division through the state’s Clean Water Revolving Loan Fund that could benefit some Northwest Arkansas residents. H2Ozarks’ Septic Remediation Program is assisting homeowners in the Beaver Reservoir Watershed (see map) to repair or replace failing septic systems. Depending on household income, homeowners may qualify for a grant for up to 90% of the remediation cost.

Failing septic systems pose a risk to both environmental and human health, and in the first year of a three-year program, the program has assisted in the replacement of five systems in Washington, Benton, and Madison Counties. The home (pictured below), located in Benton County near Beaver Lake, had effluent surfacing on the ground from a collapsed septic tank. The homeowner, a single elderly person on a fixed income, qualified for a 90% grant through the remediation program. The total cost to replace the system was approximately $6,700, with $6,100 as a grant (no repayment required) and the remaining $600 as a zero-interest loan with a low monthly payment. Funds are still available. If you have concerns about your septic system, please contact H2Ozarks Program Manager at for more information or visit

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