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Supplying Clean Drinking Water to Four Customer Cities

Clean, treated, ready-to-drink tap water is sold at the wholesale rate of $1.54/1000 gallons of water to four customer cities – Fayetteville, Springdale, Rogers and Bentonville. Each city supplies this water to more than 375,000 customers.

The Urban Water Cycle

Working closely with our customer cities to highlight the Urban Water Cycle, this video shows the movement of water via human use in Northwest Arkansas from Beaver Lake, through the treatment process, distribution to homes, and back into a local waterway. By highlighting different careers involved in the water industry, each customer city’s segment shows the interconnections of the watersheds in NWA, from drinking water to wastewater.

Beaver Water District’s Customer Cities

Fayetteville buys water from BWD and owns and operates the system in Fayetteville, Farmington, Greenland, Goshen, Wheeler, parts of Johnson and some rural areas in Washington County. Fayetteville also provides wholesale service to Elkins, West Fork, and Mount Olive Rural Water Association.
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Springdale Water Utilities buys water from BWD and sells it to customers in Springdale, Elm Springs, the northern part of Johnson, the southern part of Lowell, and unincorporated areas of Washington and Benton counties that are within its designated water service boundary.
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Rogers Water Utilities buys water from BWD and resells it to customers in Rogers, the northern part of Lowell, all of Benton County Water Authority No. 4, and parts of Benton County Water District #1.
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The city of Bentonville buys water from BWD and resells it to customers in Bentonville, Old Bella Vista Property Owners Association, Cave Springs, Oakhills Suburban Improvement District, and some customers in parts of Bella Vista Village Property Owners Association.
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Other Water Suppliers

There is a total of four water districts/suppliers on Beaver Lake and each has an allocation of space with­in the lake’s conservation pool for their water supply. Each district makes an annual payment to the United States government for their pro-rata share of the costs of oper­ating and maintaining the reservoir and repayment of the capital investment in the dam and reservoir. Beaver Lake is the drinking water source for more than half a million people.

Madison County Water Facilities
Please call 479-789-2866. For web-based information, visit the link below for the Madison County Water Facilities Board. It has been has serving rural customers with water since 1973.
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Please call 479-253-7269. For web-based information on recent updates visit the link below. The CBWD facility is capable of providing up to 24 MGD of quality water to the Eureka Springs, Berryville, Green Forest, and Harrison communities.
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Benton/Washington Regional Public Water Authority
Founded in 1992 to provide regional wholesale water to rural systems and smaller municipalities in Benton and Washington counties. The BWRPWA provides water to over 135,000 individuals in Northwest Arkansas and Eastern Oklahoma.
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