NWA Water Supply History

Many of us today take water for granted, but the leaders who formed the District and envisioned the future knew better. They understood that water is precious. Clean drinking water ensures the continued health of the population of a region. Abundant, accessible water also ensures the economic vitality of a community. The story of how these leaders pulled together to make abundant and economical drinking water supplies a reality in Northwest Arkansas is one worth remembering and celebrating.

Beaver Dam Association Forms
Beaver Dam Association

Front row, left to right: Willis Shaw, Claud Morsani, Joe Robinson, Earl Harris, Courney Crouch, Mace Howell, Paul Young and back row, left to right: Elbert Graham, State Senator Russel Elrod, J.J. Neil, Albert Price, ??, ??, Shelby Ford, Carl Shores, ??.

Beaver Water District (BWD) Established
First Beaver Water District Board of Directors

First BWD Board of Directors

WR Vaughn, H Douglas, H Croxton, J McRoy, JM Steele, C Little

To find out more information on the history of Beaver Water District, please read Development of Municipal Water Supplies for Benton and Washington Counties, Arkansas.