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Now and in the Future

Beaver Water District has a long history of being proactive in serving its customers. While the rapid growth of Northwest Arkansas presents challenges, the District is being proactive in ensuring that it meets its mission of sustainably providing its customers with safe, economical drinking water now and into the future.

Master Plan

The District is required to prepare a master plan at least every ten years for compliance with the Arkansas Department of Health (ADH) regulations. In 2015, it assessed population trends, water needs, infrastructure, and a Capital Improvements Program (CIP). The 2015 plan was updated in 2019 to focus on then current water demands, project timing, and CIP costs.

Since then, BWD’s four customer cities and their service areas have seen significant growth, driving higher water demands. This growth triggered the 2023 Master Plan, which was a comprehensive review of population, drinking water regulations, and infrastructure needs that resulted in an updated CIP.

Pipeline Expansion

The Western Corridor Pipeline project, contracted to Thalle Construction, is a significant infrastructure initiative to construct a 60-inch diameter pipeline to convey treated water to the Western Corridor Pump Station. Funded through State Revolving Funds (SRF), this project holds strategic importance by providing additional delivery points for water from BWD to the Customer Cities’ distribution systems. These redundant feeds improve reliability of the water supply to the customer cities and enhance their distribution system hydraulics.

High Service Pump Additions

The Western Corridor Pump Station project is a crucial infrastructure initiative designed to address the increasing demands of essential water supply. Funded solely through BWD’s operations, the project includes a football-field sized pump station that will pump treated water to Fayetteville, Springdale, Rogers, and Bentonville. The pump station will initially house three pumps each for Fayetteville and Springdale, with the flexibility to add more as needed, while also accommodating future expansion for Rogers and Bentonville with the provision for four additional pumps each.

Solar Generating Facilities

The Solar Park I project is a significant step toward harnessing emissions free renewable energy, while providing an estimated net present savings over $10 million. It is a forward-looking project with plans to generate 5 MW of electricity, potentially supplying 15 – 20% of Beaver Water District’s annual electrical needs. This initiative aligns with the district’s sustainability goals and aims to reduce annual electricity bills by over $700,000 per year. The solar park will be located on the west side of Primrose Road, in the field north of Nail Ave. The project will be complete by December 31, 2024.

Expansion means Infrastructure

Northwest Arkansas is growing, and we are too. Beaver Water District is undergoing a significant amount of construction and expansion that has not been seen since our initial buildout for existence. Just as the Beaver Dam Association and original members of the Beaver Water District Board of Directors foresaw the needs of Northwest Arkansas, we are also envisioning the needs and doing what is necessary to ensure that clean, safe drinking water continues to be provided, now and in the future.

Western Corridor Treated Water Pipeline

Beaver Water District

Lowell, Arkansas

Project Loan Amount: $125,686,157

Drinking Water State Revolving Fund Loan No. 01390-DWSRF-L

Arkansas Department of Agriculture, Natural Resources Division

Engineer: olsson  |  Contractor: THALLE Construction Company