Secchi Day Reports

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Beaver Lake Water Quality

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Secchi Day is an annual event that takes place on Beaver Lake with the goal of collecting important water quality data such as turbidity, chlorophyll-a, total phosphorous, and total nitrogen. On Secchi Day, volunteers take to the water to collect the lake’s maximum depth at which a Secchi disk can be viewed from the surface of the water which tells scientists how cloudy or “turbid” the water is. This valuable data has been collected for years and gives Beaver Water District a good idea of the water quality of Beaver Lake.

Recent Secchi Day Water Quality Results

Please contact us for any previous year annual reports.

Secchi Day Gets a New 'Cooler' Feel

This year, Secchi day data collection will happen on the third Saturday in August, but the science festival will be combined with the annual Beaver Lake Cleanup sponsored by the US Army Corps of Engineers. The cleanup has been held differently over the last two years also, making 2022 an exciting time to regroup and plan for a “cooler” new feel for both events.

Event Details