H2Oasis has a Huge Impact in 2023

There is a little bit of downtime around the holidays for the outreach department at BWD. Not a lot, but a little bit, which allows for some catch up on paperwork, planning for the next year, and some reflection on accomplishments. There were many accomplishments, but one of the highlights was the impact of the H2Oasis water trailer. The trailer is an amazing tool at promoting tap water by helping hydrate attendees at non-profit community events throughout the service areas of our four customer cities. The District values our customer cities and their 370,000+ customers in NWA, and the H2Oasis allowed us to easily connect and ‘tap’ into the community.

Many individuals talked to staff and probably filled up their water bottles at one of the twenty different community events where the trailer was present in 2023. The H2Oasis trailer dispensed over 2,350 gallons of water to thirsty individuals during those events. If those individuals would have otherwise purchased a single-use plastic bottle, that would have been a lot of plastic waste generated. The outreach staff was curious and did some math, and by being present at those events prevented 17,822 single-use plastic bottles from entering the waste stream in 2023! What an impact!

The staff wants to say ‘thank you’ to all those that refilled bottles/cups, chatted about Beaver Lake, and enjoyed the water provided by the trailer. Thank you for doing your part, for helping the District meet its mission, and for reducing plastic waste in NWA! Be sure to look for the H2Oasis trailer in 2024, and don’t forget to bring your own reusable water bottle! Together, the impact is HUGE!


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