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Water Science Phenomena
K-12 Lessons & Activities

The K-12 Water Science Activities, Lessons, and Resources enable student-led inquiry. Learners develop technical investigative expertise and conceptual understanding of:

  • Earth’s Waters & Water Cycle
  • Properties of Water
  • Watershed & Stream Dynamics
  • Human Impacts on Water Quality
  • Source Water Protection
  • Drinking Water Treatment
  • The Global Water Crisis: Problems & Solutions
  • Water Resources Careers
  • Phenomenal Science Learning Experiences
  • Aligned with AR Common Core & Next Generation Science Standards
  • Apply 3D Framework for Science Performance
  • Adhere to STEAM integrated approach
  • Include K-12 grade-level adaptations
  • Local-To-Global Relevance
  • Interdisciplinary
  • Process-based
  • Engaging
  • Hands-On

Play our online Water Fun Facts Scavenger Hunt Game!

Hunt for Water Fun Facts with Randy the frog and Castor the beaver and test your water knowledge!

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Play the games to learn how land use affects water quality.

Take Our Virtual Drinking Water Plant Tour

Play our Secchi Science Fair-Win Prizes

Win prizes by exploring the Science,Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math of Beaver Lake and its watershed.