June 11, 2020 – Annual Secchi Day Science Fair Goes Virtual in 2020

To ensure everyone’s safety during the coronavirus pandemic, the “in-person” 15th Annual Secchi Day Science Fair at Prairie Creek Park on Beaver Lake in Rogers, Ark., that was scheduled for Aug. 15, is cancelled this year.  Instead, the public is invited to participate via an Online Virtual Secchi Day Science Fair 2020 with videos and photos of Environmental and Water Education activities for local citizens and friends around the world to learn from and enjoy. This is a work in progress. Please keep an eye on Beaver Water District’s website at bwdh2o.org, as well as following Beaver Water District and our partners on Social Media pages. Secchi Day sampling activities will continue this year with all the necessary precautions to ensure everyone is safe. Secchi Day is named for the Secchi Disk, a black and white device lowered into the water to measure clarity.