Aug. 31, 2018 – Young People Create Art From “Tossed” Items That Could Harm Environment & Water Quality

On Aug. 18, 2018, Secchi Day on Beaver Lake attendees voted to determine winners of the Tossed Litter Sculpture Contest. In this new contest, young people took on the challenge to create art from “tossed” items that could potentially harm the environment and water quality. Taking 1st place with a rotary dial sculpture made from “tossed” litter (far right) was Hannah Ingalls, 10, of Garfield, a member of the Horsemanship & Apple Spur 4-H Club. Lilyan Lubbess, 9, of Pea Ridge, a member of Apple Spur 4-H Club, took 2nd place for a beautiful flower (far left). Jacob Jarding, 16, of Garfield, a member of the Apple Spur 4-H Club, took 3rd place for a coffin “sculpture” made from discarded cigarette butts. The contest, which also took place at the Benton County and Washington County Fairs, was sponsored by Northwest Arkansas Stormwater Education and the University of Arkansas Division of Agriculture Research & Extension. Beaver Water District partnered for the contest at Secchi Day. Benton County Fair partners were Benton County Farm Bureau, White Line Waste, and Benton County Solid Waste.  Boston Mountain Solid Waste partnered for the Washington County Fair. For information, contact Linda at or call (479) 271-1060.