Board Meeting-January 17, 2013

Beaver Water District’s Board of Directors will meet at noon on Thursday, January 17, 2013, at 301 N. Primrose Road, Lowell, AR.

Tentative Agenda

1. Meeting Call to Order 2. Approval of minutes of previous regular meeting 3. Election of Officers 4. Presentation – 2012 Audit 5. Recommendation – Final Change Order – Archer Western Construction, LLC 6. Recommendation – Black & Veatch Engineering Contract – Generator Study 7. Recommendation – Fayetteville Nutrient Agreement 8. Other Business  • Steele-Croxton Memorial Scholarship Recipient, Joseph Gerke and   Guest, Emily Williams, UA College of Engineering  • Article – AWWA Journal – Co-authored by Josh Giovanetti, Leslie B. Massey, Brian E. Haggard, and Robert A. Morgan – “Land Use Effects on Stream Nutrients at Beaver Lake Watershed”

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