Capital Projects

Expanded water treatment facilities

Rapid Growth of Northwest Arkansas

Beaver Water District has a long history of being proactive in serving its customers. While the rapid growth of Northwest Arkansas presents challenges, the District is being proactive in ensuring that it meets its mission of sustainably providing its customers with safe, economical drinking water now and into the future.

The Western Corridor Expansion

To better serve the region, the District will be constructing an approximately 7.5 mile long treated water pipeline and pump station on the West side of Interstate 49 to accommodate growth in that area. The project is scheduled to begin construction in 2023 with a target completion date in early 2026.

Development of a New Master Plan

The summer of 2022 saw the district’s peak day soar from 88 MGD to 102 MGD, which was an increase of almost 16%. The treatment plant’s current capacity is 140 MGD; with this tremendous growth, the District has hired Black & Veatch to develop a new master plan, which was last done in February 2016. The plan will set a projected schedule on the design and construction of an expansion of the treatment plant to accommodate the rapid growth.

For a copy of the District’s current master plan, please contact us.

Collage image of water in tanks at treatment facility and a BWD hard hat sitting in an ATV

Additional Capital Projects

  • High service pump additions
  • Construction of an 8-MG clearwell
  • North intake facility pump additions
  • Raw water line addition
  • Generator additions
  • Solar generating facilities