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clean water since 1959

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Protecting our principal water supply
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From Beaver Lake

to clean tap water

We supply clean, safe drinking water, sourced from Beaver Lake to the cities of Fayetteville, Springdale, Rogers, and Bentonville who distribute the water to more than 370,000 people and industries in their cities and surrounding areas.

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Supplying drinking water since
NWA residents with clean water
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Protecting our

principal water supply

To continually improve water safety, the water industry has developed a multiple barrier approach. In this approach, protection and treatment of water from its source to the tap is emphasized. Source water protection is the first of the multiple barriers. Other barriers include drinking water standards, disinfection and treatment, distribution system control, and public awareness. Source water protection is the process of maintaining the quantity and the quality of raw water sources now and into the future.

Source Water Protection

Offering custom resources for

educators & students

Providing various lessons customized to NWA, our local custom resources are perfectly suited to educate students about the watershed dynamics, water quality, and water resources.

Education & Outreach