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SW Section AWWA/Beaver Water District Team Ties for 6th Place Overall in First “Top Ops” at National Water Works Competition

Frank Blowers Nicole Bridges and Dustin Mayhew Top Ops Team for SW Section at ACE 2015Lowell, Ark. — Accolades go out to the Southwest Section American Water Works Association’s Top Ops team. They tied for 6th place in North America among a field that included 19 teams on June 10th in Anaheim, Calif., during their first national competition. Team members (from left) Frank Blowers, Nicole Bridges and Dustin Mayhew all work for Beaver Water District (BWD). Blowers of Pea Ridge is a Maintenance Mechanic II, Bridges of Lowell is a Laboratory Analyst, and Mayhew of Springdale is a Plant Operator II. Combined, they bring together more than 30 years of experience in the water field to the Top Ops competition.

“The impressive thing to me is that they won two preliminary rounds, among three teams, and finished second in their other preliminary round. Excellent! I am very proud of their achievement,” said Alan D. Fortenberry P.E., CEO of Beaver Water District.

Top Ops is the “College Bowl” or “Jeopardy!” of the water industry, where teams of water operators from all American Water Works Association (AWWA) sections compete against each other in a competitive question-and-answer tournament. A moderator poses a broad range of technical questions that involve all aspects of water operations, from basic science, public health and drinking water standards to water treatment plant operations and maintenance practices, water quality, water distribution practices, pumps and hydraulics, and laboratory procedures. Math questions are also included.

The Top Ops Challenge is designed to promote excellence and professionalism and provide an opportunity for water professionals to showcase their talents in all aspects of water operations. Established in 1881, AWWA is the largest nonprofit, scientific and educational association dedicated to managing and treating water, the world’s most important resource. For more information, visit

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July is Lakes Appreciation Month

Fast Facts:

  • Governor Hutchinson proclaims July 2015 as Lakes Appreciation Month in Arkansas
  • Lakes Appreciation Month is an international effort supported by the North American Lake Management Society (NALMS)
  • Beaver Watershed Alliance, NALMS, and Beaver Water District invite the public to participate in Beaver Lake Appreciation Activities


July 2015 has been proclaimed by Governor Asa Hutchinson as Lakes Appreciation Month in Arkansas.   With over a half-million acres of reservoirs in Arkansas, summer is a great time to encourage all Arkansans to appreciate the lakes of our Natural State by participating in recreational activities such as swimming and boating, taking care of lakes, and enjoying the scenic beauty and benefits provided by them – including drinking water for much of the state.

In addition to Lakes Appreciation Month being a time to appreciate lakes, it is a time to think about where we would be without their water, and the threats facing lakes and reservoirs. These threats include population growth, development, and invasive plant and animal species that put stress on waterbodies. The importance of protecting these lakes and reservoirs for future generations is critical to our quality of life, communities, wildlife, and potential for future growth and economic development. “As one of the largest lakes in Arkansas, and our drinking water source in Northwest Arkansas, Beaver Lake is certainly worthy of our appreciation and protection, and I hope others will join us in doing so,” said John Pennington, Executive Director of the Beaver Watershed Alliance.  Amy Wilson, Director of Public Affairs at Beaver Water District, said, “Beaver Water District’s support of Lakes Appreciation Month is part of our ongoing tradition of 50 years of supplying water to much of Northwest Arkansas and working to ensure that it is safe to drink.”

Lakes Appreciation Month is a signature program of the North American Lake Management Society (NALMS) whose mission is to foster the management and protection of lakes and reservoirs for today and tomorrow.  Specific goals of the society are to promote public awareness of lake ecosystems, encourage public support for national, state, and local programs promoting management of lakes and their watershed, and facilitate the exchange of information on the technical and administrative aspects of managing lakes and their watersheds.  According to Reed Green of the United States Geological Survey and Brad Hufhines of Beaver Water District, NALMS board members, “Water can no longer be taken for granted, and we cannot expect that our water resources will always be here and be usable unless we take care of them.”  To learn more about the national Lakes Appreciation program, visit, and to learn more about Lakes Appreciation Month activities taking place in the Beaver Lake Watershed or how you can be involved in helping protect water quality in the Beaver Lake Watershed, visit The Beaver Watershed Alliance (BWA) was formed in 2011 to proactively protect, enhance, and sustain a high quality of drinking water in Beaver Lake and its watershed.

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Board Meeting — June 18, 2015

Beaver Water District’s Board of Directors will meet at noon on Thursday, June 18, 2015, at 301 N. Primrose Road, Lowell, AR.

Tentative Agenda

1. Meeting Call to Order
2. Approval of minutes from previous regular meeting
3. Presentation — Leadership Development Program Update
4. Presentation — Recognition of BWD Staff Accomplishments
5. Presentation — Water Treatment Issues
6. Other Business
– Arkansas State Water Plan
– Electrical Generator Project
– Drinking Water Utilities/Forestry Industry Collaboration

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Godwin Receives Recognition as War Eagle Steward

2015_WEAD_Award_with_Stephens_DSC_7725Daniel Godwin, Assistant Superintendent of Withrow Springs State Park, proudly displays the 2015 War Eagle Creek Steward Award he received on May 30 for his dedication to the creek and to the coordination of War Eagle Appreciation Day (WEAD) over the past several years. Joining him (from left) are Jon Stein of Arkansas Game and Fish Commission, War Eagle landowners and WEAD sponsors Mr. and Mrs. Rufus Stephens, Angela Danovi of Ozarks Water Watch, Dot Neely of Beaver Water District, Bryant Baker of Beaver Watershed Alliance, Donna and Kelly Mulhollan of Still on the Hill, and Sabrina Bowman of Beaver Water District.

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Public Invited to Concert & Family Fun During War Eagle Appreciation Day at Withrow Springs State Park on May 30

It’s spring in the Ozarks and that means it’s time to get outdoors and play! The annual War Eagle Appreciation Day will be held Saturday, May 30, 2015, at Keith Ham Pavilion at Withrow Springs State Park, 5 miles north of Huntsville, Ark., off of Hwy. 23. This event is free and open to the public. The canoe and kayak float and cleanup will be from 9-11 a.m. on the War Eagle. For non-floaters, go to the pavilion beginning at 10 a.m. for hands-on education activities, nature walks and lunch. Then from 1-2 p.m., a Once a River Concert will be performed by Donna and Kelly Mulhollan of Still on the Hill. An Ozark instrument show and tell, as well as Q&A, will follow. More information is available on the Beaver Water District Facebook page. Or call Withrow Springs State Park at (479) 559-2593.Still on the Hill Photo for web

Event partners and sponsors include William Rufus Stephens, Jr Memorial Fund, Huntsville Chamber of Commerce, Arvest Bank, Beaver Watershed Alliance, Arkansas State Parks (Withrow Springs State Park & Hobbs State Park), Arkansas Master Naturalists, Lewis & Clark, War Eagle Mill, Arkansas Canoe Club, Huntsville Fire Department, Madison County Solid Waste and Recycling, Madison County Record, Madison Coffee House, Wal-Mart, Ma and Pa’s Bent & Dent, Girl Scouts-Diamonds of Arkansas, Oklahoma & Texas, Ozarks Water Watch, Ozark Mountain Trading Company, Arkansas Game & Fish Commission and Beaver Water District.

War Eagle is a sub-watershed of Beaver Lake Watershed. A watershed is an area of land that drains water, sediment, and dissolved materials to a common receiving body or outlet, which in this case is Beaver Lake, the primary source of drinking water for most of Northwest Arkansas. The purpose of the event is to draw attention to the rich history of War Eagle and the many benefits that War Eagle Creek brings to Madison County and Northwest Arkansas.

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Board Meeting — May 21, 2015

Beaver Water District’s Board of Directors will meet at noon on Thursday, May 21, 2015, at 301 N. Primrose Road, Lowell, AR.

Tentative Agenda

1. Meeting Call to Order
2. Approval of minutes from previous regular meeting
3. Presentation — Western Corridor Highway Crossings Study
4. Presentation — Asset Management Program
5. Presentation — FY 2016 Financial Plan Update
6. Other Business

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Beaver Water District Announces Press Conference

Amy Wilson, Director of Public Affairs for Beaver Water District, today announced a Drinking Water Week Press Conference to be held Monday, May 4, 2015 at 2:00 p.m. at their offices and Water Education Center, 301 N. Primrose Road, Lowell, Arkansas. National Drinking Water Week is May 3 – 9.  The news conference will also focus on the new District campaign: It’s Easy…Just Turn the Handle, and on the staff at Beaver Water District and their customer cities — Fayetteville, Springdale, Rogers, and Bentonville — who work diligently around-the-clock to provide Northwest Arkansas with safe, clean drinking water.

The public and media are invited to attend. Light refreshments will be served and dignitaries from the customer cities will be in attendance for the Press Conference. For more information, contact Wilson at 479.756.3651 or email  Additional information on Beaver Water District is available at the website:

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Board Meeting — April 16, 2015

Beaver Water District’s Board of Directors will meet at noon on Thursday, April 16, 2015, at 301 N. Primrose Road, Lowell, AR.

Tentative Agenda

1. Meeting Call to Order
2. Approval of minutes from previous regular meeting
3. Presentation — Strategic Plan Metrics Dashboard and Report
4. Presentation — Data Base Management System
5. Presentation — BWD Top Ops Team — AWWA ACE Anaheim Competition
6. Presentation — U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Beaver Lake Master Plan Study
7. Presentation — Update on Black & Veatch BWD Master Plan Study and Generators
8. Other Business
*Drinking Water Week — BWD Media Campaign
*AWWA Memberships for Directors

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The Source: Spring 2015




  • The Long Run
  • District Awards Scholarships;
    Cheevers Makes Chancellor’s List
  • Floyd “Scott” Holloway: 1965-2015
  • Hardy W. (Casey) Croxton (1956-2015)
  • NOARK Installs New Directors: District’s
    Pat Bates Serving as 2015 President
  • Employee Profile: Joe Pineda,
    Facilities Maintenance
  • It’s Easy…Just Turn the Handle!
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Board Meeting — March 19, 2015

Beaver Water District’s Board of Directors will meet at noon on Thursday, March 19, 2015, at 301 N. Primrose Road, Lowell, AR.


1. Meeting Call to Order
2. Approval of minutes from previous regular meeting
3. Recommendation — Procurement Agreement for Auxiliary Generators
4. Presentation — Clearwells and Treated Water Pumping Station
5. Other Business
*Tour-Clearwells and Treated Water Pumping Stations

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