Enter the Water Education Contest

Beaver Water District’s Water Education Contest deadline has been extended to June 30th. So, get busy and you’ll receive a Triangle Cooling-Cloth Bandana. It’s easy. Just choose from an activity listed below, take photos, then email education@bwdh2o.org with the photos, name and mailing address. Include the number of bandanas for those who participated. Supplies are limited to one bandana per person. Some photos will be posted to @BeaverWaterDistrict on Facebook. Please also post your photos to social media with the hashtag #bwdh2o. If you have a question, email education@bwdh2o.org.


  • Sweep your driveway, patio, or sidewalk with a broom instead of hosing it off or using a blower. This conserves water resources, reduces noise pollution, and saves on electricity.
  • Put leaf litter and yard clippings in a compost pile or a brown paper leaf bag you deliver to or have picked up by City Compost or Mulch facilities. Resource: Compost and Composting.
  • Spread straw, wood chips, or other organic mulch in flower beds, gardens, and erosion prone areas of bare soil. Resource: Conservation Tips for Landscaping.
  • Color a page from the Water Fun Facts Coloring Book.