Source Water Protection

Source Water Protection Vision

Beaver Water District will lead the citizens, businesses and communities of Northwest Arkansas to cooperatively maintain the quality of Beaver Lake for all generations.

See how we protect the source for your drinking water.

We work with partners on conservation efforts.

We conduct prescribed burns to benefit water quality.

We monitor water quality to inform treatment strategies.

We conduct fish surveys to indicate water quality.

Source Water Protection Plan

In 2018, Beaver Water District updated its Source Water Protection Plan.

Executive Summary

Since 2006, Beaver Water District’s source water protection has been conducted under the guidance of our Board approved “Philosophy of Source Water Protection” and “Position Paper on Source Water Protection.” These documents were developed at the direction of our visionary Board President at that time, Mr. John Lewis. The late Mr. Lewis saw protecting Beaver Lake as integral to providing safe water for Northwest Arkansas.

In 2010, the American Water Works Association published standard G300, “Source Water Protection,” and an associated operational guide document. AWWA’s peer-reviewed standards are recognized worldwide as the authoritative benchmark for water works materials and processes. In 2012, Beaver Water District completed a year-long review of its Source Water Protection program to bring it in line with G300 and the Board of Directors of the District approved a 5-year program to improve protection of Beaver Lake, our source of water.

On April 21, 2016, Beaver Water District’s Board of Directors approved a motion to dedicate $0.04 cents per 1000 gallons sold to the Source Water Protection Fund. In 2018, Beaver Water District staff completed an update of the 2012 Plan.