Service Area

Service Area Map


Beaver Water District sells water to the four customer cities at the wholesale rate of $1.29 per thousand gallons ready to drink. (Rate as of Oct. 1, 2015.)


Fayetteville buys water from BWD and owns and operates the system in Fayetteville, Farmington, Greenland, Goshen, Wheeler, parts of Johnson and some rural areas in Washington County. Fayetteville also provides wholesale service to Elkins, West Fork, and Mount Olive Rural Water Association.


Springdale Water Utilities buys water from BWD and sells to consumers in Springdale, Bethel Heights, Elm Springs, the northern part of Johnson, the southern part of Lowell, and unincorporated areas of Washington and Benton counties that are within its designated water service boundary. Bulk sales are made to the water system operated by the city of Tontitown.


Rogers buys water from BWD and resells it to Rogers and a portion of Lowell and to Benton County Rural Development Authority (RDA) No. 4 Frisco Springs.


The city of Bentonville buys water from Beaver Water District and resells it in Bentonville, Bella Vista, and Cave Springs.

Regional Drinking Water Suppliers

Other water suppliers on Beaver Lake include:

Benton-Washington Regional Water Authority

Carroll-Boone Water District (CBWD does not have a website. This links to city of Eureka Springs that has some information on its website and is a large customer of Carroll-Boone Water District. You may call CBWD directly at 479-253-7269.)

Madison County Regional Water District (MCRWD does not have a website. This links to the Madison County Water Facilities Board website, which contains some information about MCRWD. For more information on MCRWD, call 479-789-2866.)

Note: This schematic of all the Regional Suppliers who provide drinking water from Beaver Lake is in revision. Please contact suppliers for the most up-to-date information.