Rain Garden Project

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Rain Garden Presentations & Resources-3 Years of Work!

Rain Garden Manual
Rain Garden Tools
How to size/build a garden
Case Studies PP Presentation
West Fork Rain Gardens
Benton County Rain Gardens
More on Rain Gardens
Illinois River Watershed Protection

Hands On Exercise
Hands on Exercise Example
Northwest Arkansas Native Plants
Native Plants Brochure
Weeds of Arkansas
AR Dept of Environmental Quality Storm Water PPP
City of Fayetteville Low Impact Development Code
Greenland Case Study
Bentonville Public Library Case Study
John Brown University Case Study

Registration is open for the Spring Rain Garden Academy, hosted by Beaver Water District & Illinois River Watershed Partnership. The Academy will be held from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. on Friday, April 11, in Huntsville, AR. This Academy will offer valuable resource materials including a Low Impact Development Manual, highlights from local experts in the field and a hands-on experience in planting rain gardens! Lunch will be provided. The cost is $25 per person, $15 for students.

The class is open to 50 participants and pre-registration is required. This workshop applies to homeowners, businesses, educators, city officials and planners, landscape architects, engineers, and others who are interested in improving the landscape and watershed using a low-impact development technique such as rain gardens.

A rain garden is a landscaped depression that is 4” to 8” deep. It captures stormwater runoff, cleans and filters pollutants, and provides habitat for wildlife. Link here to download and agenda and to register.

On July 1, 2011, the Arkansas Natural Resources Commission (ANRC) and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) awarded two grants totaling $350,000 to build rain gardens to improve water quality.  Beaver Water District was awarded $139,000 and the Illinois River Watershed Partnership (IRWP) received $211,000 to build rain gardens in Northwest Arkansas over the next three years. Rain gardens are located in the Illinois River Watershed and the West Fork-White River/Beaver Lake-White River Watershed.

The NWA Rain Garden Project grant seeks to empower students and communities to confront local watershed concerns by implementing demonstration rain gardens in public and quasi-public properties, including schools, churches, and public institutions, within the Illinois River and Beaver Lake Watersheds; and educating the public about the numerous benefits of this alternative stormwater management approach. For more information, download one of the following documents, or contact Becky Roark, the Rain Garden Resource Specialist: BWD Rain Garden Fact Sheet; Rain Garden: Project Awarded; Rain Garden Grant Application; Rain Garden Project BrochureRain Garden-Native Plants Brochure.

Watch this fun video/singalong of the Rain Garden Song by Marshall Mitchell! And watch this short video explaining the simple concepts about rain gardens!