Rain Garden Project

Rain gardens keep our precious water clean. They capture stormwater runoff, clean and filter pollutants, and provide habitat for wildlife. Participants in the Northwest Arkansas Rain Garden Project installed 60 “demonstration” rain gardens in the Illinois River Watershed and the West Fork-White River/Beaver Lake-White River Watershed from 2011-2014.

Rain gardens may be planted by homeowners, businesses, educators, city officials and planners, landscape architects, engineers, and others who are interested in improving the landscape and watershed using a low-impact development technique such as rain gardens. Rain gardens help to control and filter stormwater. Rain gardens empower communities to confront local watershed concerns.

The Rain Garden Song video by Marshall Mitchell shows you how easy it is to put in a rain garden! This short video explains the simple concepts about rain gardens!

Use these resources to learn about how to develop rain gardens at your home or business and in your community!

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