Beaver Watershed Alliance


The Beaver Lake Watershed Protection Strategy prepared for the Northwest Arkansas Council in 2009 recommended a Five Component protection strategy to maintain lake water quality as the region grows.

The Beaver Watershed Alliance (BWA) provides leadership for watershed protection including implementing and adapting the Protection Strategy. The Board of Directors is a diverse group of stakeholders from the area served by the four regional water suppliers, who will work to find consensus-based solutions for scientifically-identified water quality issues across the watershed.

BWA Board includes representatives from agriculture, business, conservation, construction/developer, technical (research & education), government, recreation, and water suppliers. All are drinking water customers.

BWA develops and supports cooperative outreach programs that function to educate and inform the public about issues related to water resources and riparian ecosystem health.

Based on the recommendations from the Beaver Lake Watershed Protection Strategy, BWA focuses on best management practices (BMPs) in five core areas: 1) urban stormwater runoff and quality, 2) construction site runoff, 3) preserving and restoring stream buffers and channels, 4) pasture BMPs, and 5) working to improve unpaved roads.

For more information, contact John Pennington, Executive Director, at or call 479-970-3550.